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When you are sensitive to the needs and wants of others, it is easy to become overwhelmed. 

Conversations that don’t, go as you would have liked can play over and over in your mind. Over time you can become sensitive to certain words or behaviours and find yourself far more emotional that you would like. 

That is where Clean Language can really help.

It provides you with a chance to hear, understand and organise your own thoughts and feelings. 

If you are easily triggered and or hurt by the words and action of others and it is impacting home and or work, we are here to help you make sense of what is happening and develop practical ways to manage it differently.

Being sensitive is your superpower until it isn’t.

Sheryl is a certified Clean Language Facilitator, Personal Performance Coach and Professional Level Systemic Modeller which means she can adapt her listening style to meet your needs.

Sometimes you might need someone to share the journey with. Someone that understands and can hold you accountable and celebrate with you when things go well.

Other times when you find yourself having a paddy like a two year old or behaving like a stroppy teenager it might mean there is a wounded inner child that needs to be heard.

You cannot change your past. You cannot change how others speak to you. But you can change how you respond. Step by Step we will support you to listen to yourself with the purpose of understanding what you need to set yourself up for success.  

In just 60 minutes you can discover a better way of listening and experience how Clean Coaching works.

Clean Coaching is not like talking to a friend or colleague. We help you track your own process, patterns and progress so that you get to understand what works for you.  As you talk we will reflect back your words and gestures with the purpose of helping you make sense of your own experience.  

Whether you are struggling at home or work, we can help you gain clarity, focus and direction whilst unravelling what is really holding back.

Making Asking For Help Easier

Your colleagues, friends or loved ones will do their best to help but until you know what kind of listening and what kind of feedback works best for you, there is a good chance they will share what works for them. At times that can be really helpful and other times it can leave you feeling like their is no point talking.

Listening is more than ‘just’ listening. It is made up of carefully framed questions that train your attention and feedback. The right kind of listening can help settle your state and help you organise your thoughts. Our step by step approach can help you quickly and easily make sense of what you need and why.  

In just 60 minutes you can expect to:   

  • Gain clarity of what you want (even if right now you have no idea).
  • Confidence in your next best step
  • Understanding of what kind of support you need to change 

Sometimes all the support and resource you need is someone that can listen but not everyone is trained or resourced to listen to everything we have to say. 

After thirty years of motivating, mentoring and managing others our Founder Sheryl Andrews noticed similarities and differences between those that did what they said they would do and those that didn’t. 

Those who were motivated to take action had clarity of what they wanted, they had confidence in themselves and they had the right support to manage the change.  For each part of the process they often needed a different kind of listening, different questions and different feedback.

When you understand what works for you, you can start to develop an effective support network that ensures you are always resourced to set yourself up for success without stress. 

step by step clarity


Know what you want

Why you want it 

Who you want it for

Step by Step confidence


Know what works for you

Trust your own process

Track progress

Step by Step change


Give, receive & invite effective feedback 

Know what support you need

Be willing and able to ask for it

Money back guarantee

At Step by Step Listening we know how hard it can be to reach out and ask for help, especially when you don’t really know what the problem is.

With this in mind, we offer a money back guarantee with our power hour session. You can explore what you would like to have happen and gain clarity of your next best step. If you get to the end of the session and you do not have clarity of what you want and confidence in your next best step we will give you a full refund

At the end of every call we ask for feedback. If the way we work is not right for you, we might know someone that can support you in the way that works for you.

After years of motivating others to turn their thoughts into action, what we have come to understand is that motivation is an inside job. But accessing it is so much easier and fun with support. We will show you how different kinds of listening can enable you to take back control of yourself, your emotions and your time.  

step by step listening guarantee

Sick of feeling stuck?

Know something has to change? 

Then book your power hour today.

Not ready to talk, then check out our free self coaching resources here and sign up for our free Success without Stress updates. 

You have nothing to lose, apart from the problem. 

In just 60 minutes you can expect to gain: 

  • Clarity of what you want
  • Confidence in your next step
  • Understanding of what kind of support you need to change

Sheryl Andrews - Founder

A mother of a blended family of 5 and having held management roles for over 30 plus years she was no stranger to motivating and managing expectations of others. In fact she still thrives on making things happen. She loves nothing more than creating the conditions for change to happen. She has this ability to really listen then either adapt her behaviour to support you in just the right way, or introduce you to someone that she knows.  

Sheryl is a keen networker who loves getting to know what kind of support is available, so that she can recommend others, when she is not a good fit.  

In 2012 she found herself stuck and unable to ask for help for herself and her own daughter. As she lay in a heap on the floor sobbing, her husband asked “What would you tell your clients to do?”

She said she would get someone that could ask her questions to gain clarity of what she wanted and the confidence to make it happen. That day she started to attend her own programmes as a client. That started the process of her developing her very own peer support network where she could lean on and ask for help when she was at her best but also when she was at her worst. 

Today she is supported by an amazing team that keep her sane and a loving group of friends and a thriving network of entrepreneurs. However that was not how she felt in 2012. She felt alone and isolated and like giving up on living all together. It all felt too hard and yet she knew she could not give up. 

Today her mission is to ensure that everyone knows how coaching can support you get out of the darkest hole and climb the highest mountains, so that no one has to shed tears in private unaware that this support even exists. 

Gain clarity of what you want, the confidence to make it happen and understand what kind of support you need to make the change easier.