About Step by Step Listening

Our Vision

Creating global unity through improved communication and collaboration in the workplace.

Our Mission

To change the perception of professional listening because the desire to feel heard and understood is a basic human need and everyone has value and deserves to know they matter.  Inner peace we believe leads to world peace. 

The Founders Story

Step by Step Listening was founded by Sheryl in 2008, because she was determined to share the lessons she had learned that transformed her relationship with her own mum and how she showed up in the world.

Sadly, she made the same mistake many do and she spent many hours teaching others the lessons she needed to learn. She worked for 5 years supporting others to have better relationships at home by improving communications and collaborations in the workplace. But failed to take her own advice.

Her work consumed her because she had a sense of making a difference and that she mattered. 

Before she knew it, her daughter had reached her teens and was by now self-harming and decided at 16 she would rather be homeless than live at home. 

Sheryl was heartbroken.

She found herself repeating the patterns that she had so successfully supported her clients to avoid. 

By now Sheryl had created the 3 core programmes to empower her clients to:

  • Gain clarity of what they wanted

  • The confidence to communicate their decision

  • The skills and resources to collaborate with those that could best support them through change and transformation.

But she had failed to ask for help for herself.

She had not known how to observe herself and identify her own strengths and the support she needed until she came across the business development tool Wealth Dynamics which gave her the feedback that she needed. It also gave her a community where she felt heard, understood and supported.

Sheryl lost sight of her own worth. That's when her husband Mark - also a trained Clean Language facilitator patiently listened and took her through her own programmes, step by step.

The net result was a successful business and happy home life and yes, a better relationship with her daughter.

Today Sheryl and her collaborative partners work with business leaders who recognise the importance of collaboration and communication skills to manage change in the workplace.

By ensuring individuals at work are fully supported and have effective peer coaching groups, Sheryl believes it is possible to create global change.

A workforce who are supported to manage change can not only work more effectively at work but they also return home without the stress and worry that so often prevents them from being present both emotionally and physically with their families and friends. 

When you spend more time in the present fully appreciating what is happening when you are with the people that matter to our success and happiness, we believe you have more head space and time to think about and contribute to change both locally and globally.

Everyone matters and everyone has their part to play.

You matter and you are on purpose and you add value.

Are you listening for the difference you make?

Are you listening for the difference others make?

When you know how to listen for strengths and solutions amidst all the chaos and noise then you can connect in way that allows everyone to show up and do their best work and live their best life.

It is our aspiration that we will inspire you to change the way you listen.