Do Delegate or Ditch Retreat
2 Days Retreat £597

This 2 day retreat will set you up for success by exploring with like minded people more effective ways to:

  • Make decisions
  • Plan
  • Manage your time
  • Work at your best 
  • Live at your best 
  • learn at your best

Years of working with clients to gain clarity of what they wanted resulted in an increased awareness that our own decison making process can be sabotaging our success, because the brain effectively is designed to keep you safe. If a past decision caused you pain it will create blocks to prevent that pain again which could be affecting your overall objectiveness when it comes to making decisions - particularly when under pressure.

Time and we think about and feel about time can and will impact your decision making model. With this in mind we explore your time story and the language you use to describe time in context of decision making. 

Once you have made a decision especially if it is a life changing decision then it will need to be broken down into steps and a plan created. How you hear and process information can impact how you spacially perceive things and this in turn can affect your abiltiy to compartmentalise and plan. We will explore how you can plan in a way that maximises all your senses. 


For more information you might find this blog interesting What If All Your Problems Came Down To Your Decision Making Process?


This course will be running 9.30am to 5pm

Event Dates
Wednesday, 12 June 2019Available

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Do Delegate or Ditch Retreat
Event Venue

Step by Step Listening Home Office
PO13 0JA