Motivate, Manage or Mentor
3 Days Retreat & 90 Days Follow up, £897

  • Want to improve your listening skills?
  • Know you need to have more confidence asking questions?
  • Does the growth of your business depend on your ability to deliver and receive effective criticism?

Motivate manage or mentor is a 3 days intensive retreat where you get to explore what you need to work, learn and live at your best in a group. This is a small bespoke programme using clean language, systemic modelling and symbolic modelling to set you up for success. We work with small groups of 4-6 either at my home or home like environments.

You will be working, learning and living with a group in the moment so there will be practical and experiential learning. This is not a programme that is all about the theory this is about working with real problems you want to solve and practicing in the moment asking questions, listening without judgement and speaking up if it is not working for you.

For those of you that have attended the Manage your critic on line programme this is a live version of that. Where you get to experience in the moment feedback and develop your listening skills.

If communication skills are paramount to your success and happiness, then this 3 day retreat provides space and time to take your skills to the next level.

Safe to speak without fear of upsetting others

Learning how to manage your critic both internally and externally can resource you to feel safe to speak and truly express yourself without fear of upsetting others.

Now that doesn’t mean you won’t upset anyone ever again – but you will develop the first iteration of resources you need for you to be able to take the fear away that so often can prevent you from listening, questioning and giving effective feedback

For many clients all they need is clarity of what they want and that gives them confidence to ask whereas others find themselves torn between having their own needs met and the needs of others. Some people default to making it all about them whilst others make it all about everyone else and the key to success sharing the responsibility with each other and being really clear what we would like to have happen for ourselves, the other person and the relationship.

Managing Your Critic

What if criticism and compliments were like receiving gifts from a friend?

Some friends know you really well and can give you the perfect gift that really helps you grow, others have good intention but have not spent much time listening so they give you the best they can with what they know already and others simply give you what they would like because they assume you would.

Either way you can often be surprised that the gift least connected with could provide you with a new perspective or experience you had never considered.

Sometimes feedback is to endorse what we already know and sometimes it is to give us new information and all of it is has a place developing ourselves and our businesses and without it we start to reject all gifts afraid to open them just in case it means once again we have been misunderstood.

What if you could control your response and not be so emotionally?

What if you could speak up and have difficult conversations without fear?

If you want to be the best listener you can be and yet you are struggling to keep your opinions to yourself then please do join us on this retreat.

If you want to be better and more confident asking questions then this is the space for you.

And if you know you are too sensitive to criticism or you have to motivate or manage someone that is then please don’t miss the next retreat.

The investment for this retreat is £897

Added Bonuses

  • Access to Manage Your Critic on line library and peer support mentor group
  • Access to motivate manage or mentor peer support mentor group
  • Wealth Dynamics report and de brief to instantly understand why your strengths will always be something for someone else to criticise and how to build your own peer support network.

Not sure if this is right for you then book a call and let’s chat or drop me an email.

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