Overwhelm Mastery - Foundation Course
2 Days Retreat £597

This 2 day retreat will set you up for success by exploring with like minded people more effective ways to:

  • Make decisions
  • Plan
  • Manage your time
  • Work at your best 
  • Live at your best 
  • learn at your best

Overwhelm happens when we lack clarity of what we want and how we make decisions impacts our ability to gain and sustain clarity.

If your decision making model has been based on keeping the peace, avoiding conflict or rejection you may well have developed a decision making model that fails to support your own needs. Therefore your very own decision making model can be the key to unlocking why you sabotage your own success. Your brain is hardwired to keep you safe and if for any reason you associate success with rejection or conflict and your own decision making model is designed to avoid them; then guess what. You will procrastinate and avoid change. 

And maybe that is not the case for you; maybe the way you think, feel and talk about time impacts your decisions. Imagine if you can only perceive the now how difficult it might be to make plans for the future and vice versa. Imagine if your perception of time is always big visions in the future what happens to decisions that include the now. 

Once you have made a decision especially if it is a life changing decision then it will often need to be broken down into steps and a plan created. Plans are really about creating ways of reminding yourself of the step by step action required and ways of measuring progress to reassure your own system that the decision was a good decision; otherwise self-doubt can creep in when we lack evidence that we have made the right decision. 


For many this is all that is needed; a process to make good decisiosn and a way of planning and tracking the progress. 

For others the feedback you receive will often determine how long you stay confident with your initial decision. 

Every decision no matter how big or small will invariably result in some kind of change and with change we get feedback. We cover the feedback models that can help you to listen to and process feedback effectively in Overwhelm Mastery Advanced. 


This course will be running 9.30am to 5pm

Event Dates
Wednesday, 12 June 2019Available

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Overwhelm Mastery - Foundation Course
Event Venue

Step by Step Listening Home Office
PO13 0JA