The Listening Skills Practice Group
7pm to 9.30pm

Do you know that you could be a better listener?

Do you want to be a better listener?


Maybe you listen for a living and you could do with a professional support group where you not only develop your listening skills but you also get time and space to be heard and understood. A vital part of listening is being able to show up with an open mind, void of preconceptions, judgement and assumptions. This is challenging when our own mind is full of 'our stuff' that is constantly pushed aside to listen to others. 


The Hampshire Listening Skills Practice Group is a space for us to be heard and explore what it means to be truly listened to. Each month we will have a different theme to explore, covering all the aspects of listening. From:

  • How to ask good questions?
  • How to calibrate if your listening is working?
  • How many different kinds of listening are there and how do you know which one is needed? 
  • How to give and receive feeback?
  • When to give feedback?
  • The power of silence
  • How to manage your emotional buttons?
  • How to manage your critic?
  • How to tame your time monsters? 


We are currently looking for a warm and friendly community centre to host this event. If you are interested in finding out more please get in touch. 


 A space where you can speak openly and honestly in order to reset your own system and be free emotionally, phsyically and mentally to listen to others.


and when we want to do more of what we love we have to be able to listen to ourselves and others without judgement. The problem is that our brains are hardwired to look for patterns and changes can cause our system to think something is wrong which in turn means we stop listening as well and things 

Event Dates
Thursday, 23 January 2020Available

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The Listening Skills Practice Group
Event Venue

To Be Confirmed