Meet The Team

The People That Support Me, To Support You

From Sole Trader To Supported Trader

Some may call me a sole trader but I prefer to think of myself as a supported trader. Running a business and supporting my family is my responsibility and yet I never feel alone thanks to my wonderful team. My team are the glue that hold me together.  Yes I do use other service providers, coaches and mentors on occasion but these are the people that truly have my back and they will have your back too. 

Lesley Jane Holyoake

Power Group Facilitator

Lesley started working with Sheryl as a client in 2010. So inspired by the process of Clean Language she went on to train and become a certified clean coach in her own right. Lesley now supports Sheryl in two ways. Lesley facilitates Sheryl’s thinking to ensure she always has clarity and confidence in her next best step and co-facilitates with Sheryl on some of the group coaching programmes. 

What we love about Lesley is her ability to keep us on track by recalling what we said we wanted from the time agreed and holding us accountable.

SBS Team - Lesley Jane Holyoake
SBS Team- Liam Coombs

Liam Coombs

The Marketing Detective

Liam has been an integral part of the business and has played many roles. He started out as the chef preparing meals for our clients on retreats. Then when he completed his marketing  apprenticeship he continued to support the growth of the business by providing marketing ideas and invaluable feedback. 

What we love about Liam is that he brings laughter and humour to the party and makes the tough times fun. He is great at listening and taking on feedback to develop ideas and concepts. 

Suzii Fido

Facebook Manager

Suzii worked with Sheryl in 2016 when working on her vision to move to Kefalonia and they instantly hit it off. Suzii has a passion for all things ethical and a love of all things creative. She loves training and supporting others to use Facebook and Google adverts. As our Facebook Manager Suzii keeps Sheryl informed of what is working and what is not working in terms of our online marketing and provides valuable support when Sheryl is taking a break. 

What we love about Suzii is her ability to work in collaboration on creative projects and when Sheryl is having a wobble she is able to remind her of how far we have come.

SBS Team - Suzii Fido
SBS Team - Tracey Parker

Tracey Palmer


Tracey keeps Sheryl sane with weekly calls to check what needs to happen. Tracey handles most of the client on boarding process meaning Sheryl can chat and build relationships while Tracey makes sure we have accurate records of conversations. 

Tracey also takes care of all the book keeping and ensures the accounts are submitted on time. This helps Sheryl keep an eye on the business from a financial and administrative point of view. 

What we love about Tracey is the fact she actually loves repetitive tasks (and doesn’t get bored) so she keeps going until the job is done. 


Sheryl Andrews

Founder/Clean Coach & Group Facilitator 

I might be the founder, the creator of the power group model and the main  facilitator for the business but I would not be the person I am today without the support of this awesome bunch of people supporting me. They have got me through the tough times of change and I am so thankful for their words of encouragement and their willingness to take up the strain when I need to step back and take a break. 

What we love about Sheryl is her enthusiasm to help. She listens and then kindly and expertly helps you to become ‘unstuck’ so you can move forward. She enables you to find the best solution for you, life and work.  Sheryl is great fun and has become a valued friend. 

Sheryl Andrews