Do, Delegate or Ditch Virtual Retreat - £750
Tame your time monsters and put yourself back in control of your decisions

  • Do you know there is more to life and there has to be a better way of living?  
  • Do you make a decision then spend time in self-doubt?
  • Do you know the way you think about time is really holding you back ?

Your critic has most likely been saying for awhile you need to say no and your time monster has been asking you to slow down or even speed up.

Either way you know something needs to change and no matter how much you plan it just doesn't seem to happen.

You might feel you don't have any choice and yet deep inside you know it is only you that can create the change you want.

There is something is niggling away that is telling you that you have to be better at making decisions in the moment in order to stay focused and on purpose. 

If you don't then you get more and more stuck and your time monster gets bigger and bigger. 

You have most likely tried lots of things and yet you seem to end up back in the same space, repeating the same old patterns.

For many all that is needed is clarity. Just making 'a decision' gives them confidence and change happens. 

But for you it is different. You have lost confidence in your decison making process as whole which means even when you make a decision the peace doesn't last long before that nagging starts again with self doubt and wonder. 

For some the complexity of the decision and the ability to hold all that information and consider all the consequences is just too much and for others it is that their decision making model is out dated and no longer fit for purpose. 

Going Around Circles Or Feeling Stuck

When you keep trying different things and getting the same results it is easy to lose confidence.

You can stop trusting yourself and those around you. It is important at times like this to have a companion or guide that helps you listen to and trust yourself whilst noticing change and helps you celebrate. 

Right now it is likely you need time and space to access the information which is just outside your conscious awareness.

Through this step by step programme we will unpack your way of working, learning and living and step by step create a blueprint of what works for you. 


Making Decisions With Your Strengths and Natural Flow in Mind

By investing time to fully understand your own model of working, learning and living your best life you create a foundation to calibrate all decisions against. 

By modelling your own decision making model you have the opportunity to update your process and improve it.

When you have absolute confidence in yourself and your decisions action happens.  

I am so confident in this process I offer a full money back guarantee. If you show up , take action and do the homework and respond every week to the accountability emails and you are not 100% happy with the change that happens - I will give you a full refund. 

Not sure if this is the programme for you? Get access to my diary here and let’s chat?


Do, delegate or ditch is a run virutally via zoom over 2 days.  


It includes:

  • Do Delegate or Ditch Workbook
  • 8 Modules exploring:
    1. Setting you up for success
    2. Learning at your best
    3. Working at your best
    4. Living at your best and what happens when you have all 3 at the same time
    5. How to make good decisions?
    6. How you perceive time?
    7. How you plan for success?
    8. Next Steps


Added Bonuses

  • Access to 21 days to Manage Your Critic - From Overwhelm to Clarity on line library valued at £47
  • Access to my private client group - priceless

Please get in touch and let's discover if this is your next best step.

Request access to my diary and book a time to chat to me about what is not working for you now and explore whether Do, Delegate or Ditch is the your next best step.


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Do, Delegate or Ditch Virtual Retreat - £750