Master Your Critic 5 day Retreat - £2250 (£4000 for couples)
Developing the tools to manage yourself, time and others by improving your ability to give and receive both criticism and compliments

Do you have big dreams and a big heart?

Are you finding it hard to get heard and understood? 

When managing yourself, time and others it is fundamental that you have clarity of what you want in order to articulate it with confidence. And for many clarity is all that is needed.

For others the opinions and view points of others can create self doubt and fear. This retreat focuses on developing the skills need to listen to the opinions of others without losing sight of what you want and what works for you. You will learn you make good decisions, manage time and plan as well as improving your listening and questionning technique. Then you will finish the programme confident to give and receive criticism and compliments effectively.

The way you respond to the feedback of others can and will direcltly impact your performance and quality of life.

Learn how to listen without emotionally responding means you can gain greater clarity of what is happening for the other person and then confidently communicate you wants and needs. Trying to please everyone is impossible so learning these skills is vital if you want to work, learn and live with others more effectively. 

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Master Your Critic 5 day Retreat - £2250 (£4000 for couples)