Clarity, Confidence and Change

Improving Performance and Relationships

From Overwhelm To Clarity

When you know something has to change but just don’t know where to start, this 90 day one to one programme will support you every step of the way. Whether you feel stuck because you don’t know what you want or because you find yourself procrastinating over something you know you want to do? It is probably because you lack clarity of what you want and confidence in yourself or the process. This can lead to frustration and self doubt which in turn impacts your performance and your relationships. 

When was the last time you spent time listening to yourself? Did you know just a few focused hours of Clean Coaching can give you access to wisdom that you simply cannot get when you are alone. You will be able to develop resources and processes that quickly transform overwhelm into clarity. you will be able to make sense of what is happening and why turning frustration into confidence that you can influence and change the outcome.

Effective coaching will ask you questions that will uncover what you really want and what works best for you.  By tracking your own patterns and processes you will get to know, like and trust yourself. 

By developing strategies to identify change and progress you will be able to communicate to yourself and others with more confidence that change is possible and or is happening.  

By gaining more clarity of what you from Sheryl’s coaching, you can expect to influence the way you work, learn and live. 

Would you like to be healthier, wealthier, and happier?

How Sheryl helps you.

It can be very difficult to find someone who listens closely and with intent. Family and co-workers may have good intentions and yet they are often really busy and time poor. In an attempt to help ‘quickly’ they can become impatient and or offer solutions that work for them but often don’t work for you. 

“Working with Sheryl has really helped me keep on track with the stuff I used to avoid in my business. I like the fun stuff and being creative and would put off the ‘boring’ stuff that I know is essential. But because Sheryl’s an extremely knowledgeable coach and exceptionally skilled at listening for the clues to make sense of why you say one thing and do another, she’s got me sussed…I’ve definitely moved things forward as a result of her experience.”

Lisa Newport – Lisa Newport Style 

Clarity, Confidence and Change

This one to one programme provides you with exclusive time with me – Sheryl Andrews – The Listening Detective. 

I will listen and help you recognise your patterns, identify strengths and give feedback that will set you up for success.

Whether you want to create change or you are experiencing change it is can be very isolating if you feel like you are on your own and don’t know who to ask for help. (Even harder, when you don’t really know what the problem is) What if the problem is simply that you have not given yourself time to think and work out what you want? What if all you need is to make a decision and plan your next best step for now? How would it feel to have a compassionate companion support you through the process as you unravel your thoughts and feelings and make sense of what is happening now and work out what you would like to have happen next?

Sometimes our normal source of support becomes unavailable. Maybe they are not well or stressed so you find yourself not wanting to bother them or it can be difficult to talk to our friends; family or co-workers when we feel they are part of the problem. 

What is the lack of clarity and confidence costing you?

When you lack clarity and confidence you can avoid uncomfortable conversations; get stuck and procrastinate over the simplest of tasks.

It can impact your performance and your relationships. You might see evidence in your health, your income and your happiness. 

As a coach it is my job to listen, ask questions and reflect back your words to make sense of your thoughts and feelings. I will often notice change and progress that is outside your conscious awareness that can instantly provide hope. As a listening skills mentor I can also give you practical activities; tools and resources to change the way you give, receive and invite feedback. (The way you talk to and about yourself can and will directly impact the response and results you get) 

Clarity, Confidence & Change Programme includes:

  • Clarity, Confidence and Change Workbook – essential for tracking progress and identifying your patterns
  • 3 x 90 mins clarity session – these are one to one intensive sessions where you will have the chance to explore your thinking in detail and step by step unravel what is ‘really’ holding you back and celebrate change as it happens
  • Weekly email accountability for 6 – 12 weeks
  • Access to me via text or email Monday to Friday throughout the time we are working together

Added bonuses

  • Signed Copy of ‘Manage your critic – From Overwhelm to Clarity in 7 steps’ book
Fed up of feeling stuck?

Want to be able to recognise your strengths and develop solutions with your strengths in mind?

What Our Clients Say About Us

Making Change Easier

At Step by Step Listening we know how hard it can be to reach out and ask for help, when you don’t really know what the problem is. Especially if you have tried lots of other ‘talking/listening’ services and nothing seems to have worked. With that in mind we have made this as easy as we can for you to try how we work. 

We offer a money back guarantee with our power hour session. You can explore what you would like to have happen and gain clarity of your next best step, whilst experiencing how we can support you through the process. If you get to the end of the session and you do not have clarity of what you want and confidence in your next best step to make it happen we will give you a full refund

At the end of every call we ask for feedback. If the way we work is not right for you, we might know someone that can support you in the way that works for you.

After years of motivating others to turn their thoughts into action, what we have come to understand is that motivation is an inside job. But accessing it is so much easier and fun with support. We will show you how different

 kinds of listening can enable you to take back control of yourself, your emotions and your time.  

step by step listening guarantee

Sick of feeling stuck?

Know something has to change? 

Then book your power hour today.

You have nothing to lose, apart from the problem. 

In just 60 minutes you can expect to gain: 

Clarity of what you want
Confidence in your next step
Understanding of what kind of support you need to change