Power Hour with Sheryl

Get To Know, Like & Trust Yourself

In Just 60 Minutes You Can Expect To:

  • Gain clarity of what you want  

  • Confidence in your next best step 

  • Discover how ‘Step by Step Listening’ can support you through change. 

Step by Step confidence

Making Change Easier

Are You Ready To Gain More Clarity?

When you’re taking care of everything and worried about not upsetting anyone. It is easy to run out of time to listen to and trust yourself. You might look like you have it all under control on the outside but inside is often a completely different story. Clients have said they felt like they were two different people. There was the person other people thought they were and the person they felt like on the inside.

Never Too Late To Change Your Life, Never Too Late To Be Happy”
Jane Fonda

You might have thought or been told that you over think things or take things too personally.  You might even agree, but knowing what you want and knowing how to change are often two different things.  

If you know something has to change but you don’t know where to start. It all starts with learning how to listen to and trust yourself. By paying attention to what you say and what you think you can gain clarity of what you mean by what you say and you can learn to change the way you give, receive and invite feedback.  

By learning how to to listen to your own system you can gain clarity of what you want separate, from what other people think you need or what they need from you. With clarity of what you want it is easier to create a step by step plan, that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.

With this kind of clarity and confidence it is possible to change the way you communicate to yourself and those that matter to your success and happiness. Book a power hour now and take the first step to making change easier. By committing to just 60 minutes you can learn how changing the way you listen can transform overwhelm and frustration into clarity and confidence. 

By the end of the call you will also know what kind of resource or support you need to make the necessary changes. That support might be more listening and we will be happy to tell you about our other programmes and it might be that you need a different kind of support. Either way you will know what you need and be resourced to take the next step.   

What have you got to lose, apart from the problem? 

 In just 60 minutes you can gain:

  • Clarity of what you want
  • Confidence to ask for it
  • Understanding of what support you need to make the change.

The decisions you make, each and every day have the ability to transform your life or turn it upside down.

During the Covid 19 pandemic many had their world turned upside down and what used to work, no longer worked or was no longer available. Whether its the commute to work, visiting family or going to the gym. A change of environment can and do play a vital part in your well being. They often give you time to think and a new perspective both physically and mentally. 

The busier you get it is easy to over look the importance for time to think, cramming meetings back to back and pivoting from one supporting role to another. You get so busy listening to and supporting everyone else that you inadvertently have stopped listening to yourself. (maybe you never have known how to do this) Which means when asked what you want, you often don’t know. You just know it is not what you have. 

When you give yourself the gift of time to think, you give yourself the opportunity to get to know, like and trust yourself. This knowledge will then inform every decision improving how you manage yourself, your time and the expectations of others. 

With or without the pandemic your support network can change overnight, so learning what you need to support yourself is a vital life skill that few are shown how to develop. It is something most don’t think about until they hit a crisis. We would like to help you avoid that and we want to make this change as easy as possible.

Power Hour Money Back Guarantee. 

We know that Clean Coaching can be empowering, impactful and transformational. We also know the courage it takes to invest in yourself and ask for help. So we want to make this first step as risk free and as easy as possible.  

If you do not leave the call with greater clarity of what you want and confidence in your next best step we will give you a full refund.

As Thomas Jefferson once said:

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

When you act today you will benefit from being supported to make life changing decisions whilst experiencing one of the most profound forms of listening.

Work, Learn and Live At Your Best

What Our Clients Say About The Power Hour

Andrew Porteus- Hyperlites Community Leader


Power Hour was like what?

Exciting, I love working with Sheryl. It’s the support you want without the added confusion or minefield that I have felt with other coaches and professionals. As a result I have made lots of changes. I now know what, how and why I want things. I am starting to listen to and change how I communicate what I want to others. 

The biggest change was learning to listen to what I was actually saying and really getting into how I want things to go. Sheryl gave me the clarity and confidence to ask for what I want.

Power Hour was like what?

Before the call I was feeling lost. I didn’t think we could get to the problem in just an hour but just went with it. 

It was obvious in the first ten minutes all would be well.

I learned to listen to myself, stop beating myself up and that I am okay. I felt like I could tell Sheryl anything. 

As a result my confidence is improving and the biggest change has been accepting that not everyone will get me and that’s okay. It was weird to do the talking and then have your own words repeated back.  In meant I got to hear what I had just said and then could deal with it head on and not bury it.

Carla Marshall - Accountant Looking Out For The Little Guy

"Deal With It Head On"

Sarah Bradley - Coaching Women to Be Brave

"Confused & A Little Out Of My Depth"

Power Hour Was Like What?

I was worried about cost and whether it would be worth it, I overcame this by considering it an investment in myself and my business. As a result I gained clarity, confidence and motivation. I have created a whole new coaching programme and I enjoyed the creating process and feel confident it will take off. The support is innovative, insightful, personal and always relevant. I get inside my head and find thoughts and ideas I didn’t even know where there. As a result I have made lots of changes, had new ideas and the confidence to put them into practice. In particular the self belief to focus on the niche aspect of my business. I now have a power hour every couple of months and they are always worthwhile, enjoyable, friendly, fun, focused and professional. It is definitely money well spent.

If Not Now, Then When?

Please don’t wait for crisis. Learn to listen to the warning signs that something has to change. Discover a better way of listening to yourself and others and transform your performance and your relationships. 

Discover a better way of listening to yourself today....

Here’s why…

The minute  you sign up and commit to a session change happens. You can instantly feel better because you are no longer alone with the struggle and there is hope that things can be different.  

step by step clarity
Step by Step confidence
Step by Step change

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The Listening Detective

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m giving you access to me for 60 minutes with a full money back guarantee. If you do not leave that call with greater clarity and confidence in yourself and your next best step then I will give you a full refund.

You have absolutely nothing to lose apart from the problem.  

So, click the button below to get access now. I promise you won’t regret it.


A mum of a blended family five and three grandchildren and self employed working from home for 20 years; Sheryl is no stranger to being stretched between responsibilities.

On the outside she looked and sounded like she had it all together but inside she was falling apart. She had lost her sense of humour; impatient and often crying.

She was too scared to admit she needed help in case her clients and potential clients lost confidence in her. She didn’t want to ask family and friends because she felt guilty if they gave up their time and it didn’t help.

Eventually she hit rock bottom; failure of her first marriage, death of her mum and then breakdown of her relationship with her daughter left her struggling as a mums and daughter relationship coach. 

That is when her husband said: “What would you tell your clients to do?”

The answer was: “Get a coach and build up confidence in myself’ 

That day she started to attend her own programmes and as the saying goes, the rest is history. One of the most common reasons our personal relationships struggle is because we lack clarity of what we want and confidence in ourselves (or others) 

 Today Sheryl spends her time helping others gain clarity of what they want, the confidence to ask for it by changing the way they give, receive and invite feedback. It usually starts with managing the critic and learning to catch yourself getting things right and noticing what works for you and what doesn’t.