Group Coaching Programmes

Time to connect with yourself and like minded people 

The Power Of A Group

Group coaching gives you the added value of learning about yourself in relation to others. It also provides an opportunity to discover it is not just you, which for many, that alone brings comfort, relief and hope. You will learn how uniquely we each find our solutions to similar challenges. You will have the opportunity to listen to each other and try new ways of thinking about the same thing. 

Probably one of the magical things about group work is that we get to notice when our critic becomes unsettled or triggered and we can learn about what we need and how to develop the confidence to ask for it. Each of our programmes focuses on different skills and resources, that over the years we have found form a foundation to knowing, liking and trusting yourself. 

You are encouraged to work at your own pace and to explore what you need to feel safe to speak and if you don’t want to speak you don’t have to. You can simply reflect in private and explore the questions independently. In life we are often part of group dynamics be it socially, at work or at home. Our groups will give insights and understanding that will enable you to communicate what you need to work, learn and live at your best. 

Do, Delegate or Ditch Academy is a 6 month programme with the option to stay on with a monthly rolling programme. Academy members get access to all of our core foundation courses and get discounts when purchasing other services. Not sure where to start? Check out our power hour option and we will be happy to support you with your decision. 

Step by Step Listening 7 Day Make It Happen Motivator

7 Days focused On Gaining complete Clarity Of What You Want & The Motivation To Make It Happen

step by step listening do delegate or ditch academy

6 Months Rolling Programme focused on discovering what you need to work, learn and live at your best.

manage motivate or mentor

8 Weeks Intensive with 12 months support focused on changing the way you give, receive & invite feedback 

What Our Clients Say About Us

Making Change Easier

At Step by Step Listening we know how hard it can be to reach out and ask for help, when you don’t really know what the problem is. Especially if you have tried lots of other ‘talking/listening’ services and nothing seems to have worked. With that in mind we have made this as easy as we can for you to try how we work. 

We offer a money back guarantee with our power hour session. You can explore what you would like to have happen and gain clarity of your next best step, whilst experiencing how we can support you through the process. If you get to the end of the session and you do not have clarity of what you want and confidence in your next best step to make it happen we will give you a full refund

At the end of every call we ask for feedback. If the way we work is not right for you, we might know someone that can support you in the way that works for you.

After years of motivating others to turn their thoughts into action, what we have come to understand is that motivation is an inside job. But accessing it is so much easier and fun with support. We will show you how different

 kinds of listening can enable you to take back control of yourself, your emotions and your time.  

step by step listening guarantee

Sick of feeling stuck?

Know something has to change? 

Then book your power hour today.

You have nothing to lose, apart from the problem. 

In just 60 minutes you can expect to gain: 

Clarity of what you want
Confidence in your next step
Understanding of what kind of support you need to change