Manage Your Critic

From Overwhelm to CLARITY in 7 Steps

By Sheryl Andrews

Manage Your Ciritc - The Book

A Practical Guide For Parents, Managers and Entrepreneurs

Your critic (that little voice in your head) often has lots to say and can impact every thought and every decision you make, resulting in self-doubt, feelings of guilt and fear of failure. 

Everyone deserves to feel heard, understood and of value and no one should ever feel afraid to ask for help.

When you don’t understand how the brain works it is easy to think there is something wrong with you and that it is all your fault. That can leave you feeling alone and isolated unable or perhaps unwilling to ask for help. 

Manage Your Critic – From Overwhelm to Clarity in 7 Steps is part autobiography and part practical guide. Sheryl had spent years motivating others and yet when she got stuck she could not see the wood for the trees and because she remembers just how alone and isolated she felt, she has written this guide to give you simple and practical things you can do to change how you to talk and about yourself. Which in turn will change how you feel and that will change how you react to change. 

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Sheryl Andrews – Motivational Speaker, Author,  Coach and Group Facilitator 

For years Sheryl struggled to know what she really wanted, beyond wanting those she loved to be happy. In her attempt to please everyone she learned to adapt and changed. Her sensitivity to the feedback of others made her really flexible, thoughtful and caring until one day she discovered that she had lost sight of what she wanted beyond keeping everyone happy. In her attempt not to upset anyone and not to be upset by them she had unknowingly built up barriers. 

Those same barriers designed to protect her became a prison that prevented her from making decisions. It held her back from growing and developing and feeling confident to be herself. 

That was until she went self employed and decided to set up her own business and live life on her terms. It is her hope that this book will inspire you to do more of what you love and ditch the critic that says you can’t.

Manage Your Ciritc - The Book

Manage Your Critic - The Book


We all have an inner critic (that critical voice within) and yours impacts every thought you have and every decision you make. The impact it has often leads to a loss of confidence which, in turn, impacts the level of trust that other people have in you.

In fact, a loss of confidence is the quickest way to lose trust.

I’m Sheryl Andrews – Previously known as “The Strength and Solution Detective” – and in ‘Manage Your Critic’, you’ll find a simple process that will help you go from Overwhelm to CLARITY in 7 Steps. Those steps are;

Step 1              C = Curiosity

Step 2              L = Language

Step 3              A = Attention

Step 4              R = Reflection

Step 5              I = Intention

Step 6              T = Trust

Step 7              Y = You

With the easy to apply models and principles you’ll soon understand how to manage your critic, why some people don’t listen, and what you can do to gain the clarity and confidence, you need, to make change happen.


amazon 5 star rating

Well written, funny and extremely useful hints and tips.

Well written, funny and extremely useful hints and tips.
Excellent to read by myself – even better to get a few for family members and read it together – helps us all change our culture to one that’s kinder, more compassionate and ultimately more effective.

amazon 5 star rating

Mange your Critic

If you have ever had those chats in your head preventing you from stepping forward to do what you really think is right, then this book is for you to stop the chat (critic) and be confident in making a change for the better and reach out for the real you to achieve for yourself not the critic. Silence your critic, keep it in its right place to bring out when you really need to have that conversation. This book will make big changes so be prepared to read it more than once.

amazon 5 star rating

Fantastic and practical guide

This is a great book to help you understand how you think and communicate with others. With lots of examples to illustrate each stage and packed with practical help, this is a must-have if you want to start the journey from overwhelm to clarity.