How To Ask For Support & Get It

How to ask for support and get it

Shirin was very focused on her dream and worked with us to plan various tours and album releases. This video is just before her Asia tour in the summer of 2014. Like all business owners she knew she had to keep herself motivated no matter what happens and like many businesses the music industry can […]

What Is Coaching?

Dictionary definition of coach: “A large comfortable vehicle for a long journey” I am still bemused how coaching has been in the UK for 30 plus years and yet the dictionary online or offline still does not formally acknowledge or support my own experience of it. Instead it still refers to coaching and a coach as […]

How To Find Your Mojo

How To Find Your Mojo

Today I was curious about the expression “I have lost my mojo” I have heard my clients say it many times. I work with clients to help them explore what they mean by what they say and the impact those words have on their clarity and confidence to take motivated action. I believe our own system […]